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7 Health benefits of white peppercorns

White peppercorns are a popular spice that is widely used in many parts of the world in many cuisines. They are derived from the Piper nigrum plant, which also produces black and green peppercorns. When the outer layer of the ripened fruit is removed, the white peppercorn is obtained. Apart from the taste, white peppercorns also have many health benefits.

Here are 7 health benefits of white peppercorns.

1. Digestive health: White peppercorns have been a popular spice to improve digestive health since ages. Since the spice helps in increasing the secretion of gastric juices and enzymes, it stimulates the digestive system. It can also reduce bloating and relieve of constipation.

2. Anti-inflammatory properties: A substance called piperine is present in white peppercorns which has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is body’s natural response to any infection or injury. But chronic inflammation can lead to health problems like arthritis, heart disease, and cancer. The anti-inflammatory properties of white peppercorn aids in reducing inflammation in the body.


3. Antioxidant benefits: White peppercorns are also rich in antioxidants, which can help to protect the body against oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is a process that occurs when there is an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the body’s ability to neutralize them. This can lead to cell damage, which can contribute to the development of a range of health problems, including cancer and heart disease.

4. Dental health: Apart from having a stimulating effect on the digestive system, white peppercorns also have a stimulating effect on the salivary glands. The saliva in the mouth helps to neutralize acid in the mouth which can prevent tooth decay and promote dental health. Additionally, they can also kill the unwanted bacteria in the mouth, relieving of bad breath.

dental health

5. Weight loss: Including white peppercorns in your diet can boost the metabolism of the body and promote weight loss. Piperine in white peppercorns has a thermogenic effect on the body which increases the body’s core temperature and speeds up metabolism.

6. Immune system support: As white peppercorns contain important vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, vitamin A, and iron, it is very helpful in strengthening the immune system function. In addition to that, piperine has antifungal properties so your body will remain protected against any infections.

7. Skin health: Not only do white peppercorns provide a lot of benefits to the body internally but the effect is also visible on the skin. As the spice is rich in antioxidants which fights harmful free radicals in the body, it leaves the skin glowing. The anti-inflammatory properties of white peppercorns can help to reduce inflammation and redness in the skin.

skin health

On a concluding note, white peppercorns are a very versatile spice that can be used in a number of tasty and healthy dishes. Not only does the spice enhance the taste of a meal but also brings along with it many health benefits to the body like strengthened immunity, boosted metabolism, good skin and teeth and many more. So make sure that you add optimum amounts of white peppercorns to your diet.

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