asthma medication

Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition so the people who have it often need medication to manage it. These medications may be daily maintenance inhalers, emergency inhalers, or oral steroids. While these are necessary, it doesn’t mean that they’re always affordable. That’s why it’s good to know all the resources you can use to save on the cost of your asthma medications. 

5 Affordable Ways To Get Asthma Medications

1. Ask For Generic Options

In most cases, generic alternatives to the brand of medications you’ve been prescribed can work just as well. To know if this will work for you, it’s best to talk to your doctor about how switching to a generic version of your medication may affect you.

It’s important to note that several long-acting medications may not be available in a generic form, though. 

2. Ask For Discount Coupons

Sometimes, there are single-use coupons available for the medications you need. These coupons may be provided by a private entity or drug manufacturer and might not be available at all pharmacies.

To get this benefit, you may need to check with multiple pharmacies before getting what you need. Additionally, you may qualify for a discount card, which will mean you don’t have to shop around as often. 

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3. Look For Patient Assistance Programs

These may also be called drug assistance programs or prescription assistance programs. These programs are designed to help those who can’t afford their medications to get them at reduced prices. Sometimes, you may even get them for free.

To qualify for one of these programs, you usually need to provide information about your diagnosis, medication requirements, income, and insurance coverage. Since the assistance can be organized by drug companies, pharmacies, or non-profit organizations, the requirements can vary. 

4. Discuss Options With Your Doctor

Most doctors don’t necessarily take cost into consideration when writing a prescription. It might help to ask them if there are cheaper alternatives to the medications you’ve been prescribed.

Since you’re already discussing affordability, it opens the doors for them to recommend other options for

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