Many people suffer from asthma and frequently rely on traditional therapies that focus on utilizing medicine to ease symptoms after an episode has begun. However, avoiding the triggers that cause asthma is frequently the best way to deal with your asthma. Using a natural technique of prevention in conjunction with a traditional treatment may be the key to alleviating asthma symptoms in general.

Try these five natural ways to ease asthma symptoms.

  1. Know your triggers

Most asthma patients also have allergies, and common allergens such as pollen, dust mites, and pet dander can aggravate your asthma symptoms if you are sensitive to them. Take note of what triggers your allergies and avoid them.

  1. Practice your breathing

Breathing exercises can improve the performance of your lungs and one such method is to breathe with your lips purse. Breathe in gently via your nose, then exhale slowly through pursed lips. Another beneficial technique is diaphragmatic breathing, commonly known as belly breathing. If you want assistance with any of these speak to your doctor.

  1. Exercise

While exercise can help strengthen your lungs, it can also be an asthma trigger, especially in cold weather. Before beginning a new workout routine, consult with your doctor regarding taking medicine. Also, remember to take it slowly at first; walk, then jog, then run. Keep an eye on the weather; if it's cold outside, work out inside.

  1. Use more spices

Garlic and ginger are both anti-inflammatory chemicals and may help alleviate your asthma symptoms. Fresh garlic cloves or ginger roots can be steeped in boiling water and drunk as tea, or you can simply use these spices more frequently in your cooking.

  1. Take a steam bath

Asthmatics find warm air calming. As a result, a steam bath in your shower at home can help clear away mucus that can make it difficult to breathe. Be cautious; some people find that heat aggravates their asthma, so it's crucial to understand your unique triggers.

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