The unsolved mystery of Zelda Breath of the Wild has its answer in Tears of the Kingdom. Who was really the hero of the legend?

Although 6 years have passed since its release, there is a mystery that no one was able to solve in the first Zelda on Nintendo Switch, who was the Hero who ended the Cataclysm 10,000 years ago? Zelda Tears of the Kingdom ha Breath of the Wild unsolved mystery solvedand it has done so by destroying all the theories that have existed and will exist.

Attention – Possible SPOILERS from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom below

During all these years, it has been speculated that the Hero who helped fight that dangerous creature, that form of Ganon that we ended up seeing at the end of Breath of the Wild, could be all kinds of characters. Some claimed that era LinkOthers even pointed out that it could be Ganondorf himself.

The truth is that Nintendo played the mistake very well, since the recreation of that battle did show Ganon the Cataclysm clearly, even who seemed to be Princess Zelda, but the warrior who carried the Master Sword had red mane and greenish or bluish skin. Everything invited to think precisely about the King of the Gerudo before being the Demon King.

Tears of the Kingdom Shrines Reveal the True Secret of Breath of the Wild

But neither one nor the other, the reality has been discovered by completing the 152 Shrines of Tears of the Kingdom. And it is that the final reward is the piece that was missing to have the complete picture of the puzzle: the Ancient Hero’s Spirit Armor Set. Just read his description:

Garment that houses the spirit of a hero that, according to the legends, once saved hyrule. Assuming its form, it envelops you and alters your appearance.

And what does this armor set have to do with the Hero who defeated the Cataclysm 10,000 years ago? The following image (courtesy of Polygon), which shows how Link changes appearance when putting on said armor, already ends all doubt.

Heroe Ancestral de Breath of the Wild en Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Was the ancient hero a Zonnan version of Link? The red mane and the accessories so characteristic of this breed seem to confirm it, but it has hooves, a tail and ears that don’t have much to do with Rauru’s, of which we know that it belongs to said race. Although, if we compare with Mineruwe see that this one also has a slightly different appearance than his brother.

Nintendo toyed with this idea from the get-go and let the community build thousands of different theories to hide the key to everything behind what may be the most difficult collectible in the new Zelda. Although, that this hero of the past wears a stone on his forehead in the same style as Ganondorf leaves the door open to more speculation.

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