The Benefits of Breathing through the Nose

Breathing through the nose is often considered the better option as compared to breathing through the mouth. The following are some of the reasons why nose breathing is better for our health:

1. Filters the air we breathe

The nose is equipped with tiny hairs and mucus membranes that help filter out harmful particles from the air we breathe. This helps prevent unwanted particles from entering our lungs and causing damage.

2. Increases oxygen levels

The nose is designed to warm and humidify the air we breathe, which helps increase the amount of oxygen that enters our bloodstream. This leads to improved oxygen levels, which can enhance our physical and mental performance.

3. Regulates breathing patterns

Breathing through the nose helps regulate our breathing patterns, which can help calm our bodies and reduce stress levels. This is particularly important during physical activity, where mouth breathing can cause rapid, shallow breaths that can lead to hyperventilation and increased anxiety.

4. Supports the immune system

The filtering and humidifying properties of the nose also support our immune system by reducing the risk of airborne infections and illness. This is because the nose helps trap harmful bacteria and viruses before they can reach our lungs and cause damage.


In conclusion, breathing through the nose is a simple yet effective way to improve our health and wellbeing. From filtering the air we breathe to increasing oxygen levels, regulating breathing patterns and supporting the immune system, nose breathing has numerous benefits that can enhance our daily lives.

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