You’ve heard people talking about the benefits they get from taking yoga classes. Perhaps you saw a post on social media about how much a friend loves yoga and how it helps them feel calmer.

If you have never tried yoga before, you probably have a lot of questions. Your natural curiosity may be pointing you towards Korean yoga.
Korean yoga follows the belief that the mind and body are deeply connected. What happens to the mind can affect the body. And what the body endures, the mind does also. That can apply to both the positive and negative aspects of life.

Mental Benefits
Having a positive outlook can be beneficial for mental wellbeing. Scientific research demonstrates that yoga may help patients improve their outlook and increase feelings of well-being.

Some students feel less mental fatigue and suffer lower levels of stress during and after a yoga class.

Korean yoga may help you clear some of the mental clutter that could be holding you back. Bringing your attention to your breath and focusing on the moment is important for enjoying a calm mind.

When you are free to think and focus, you may also notice a release of stress.

Physical Benefits
Years of trauma, memories, and experiences may take more than just a mental toll. All of those things that make up our lives can also live in our bodies.
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In Studio classes - we offer more in studio classes with options: mask required or mask optional for you to choose from.  Studio is equipped with UV air purifiers and UV sanitized for your health and safety.

  • Tai Chi & Qi Gongcirculation, joints and lower body strength
  • Qigong Energy Clearing Yoga: meridian channel stretching, flexibility & balance, breathing, meditation, circulation
  • Core Strengthening - organ and gut detox and circulation

What is Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi?

Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi at Decatur

Start with our One on One Introductory Session for $20. Call us for questions 404-254-2564 or book online here. Mask is required for Introductory Session.

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