Nipah Virus Cases have been seen in Kerala in the last few days causing two deaths also. According to the state government, there have been no new cases of the deadly virus in the last 24 hours. Check the measures you can take to prevent the spread of virus, its possible symptoms and the treatment..

Nipah Virus (Photo_PTI)
Nipah Virus (Photo_PTI)

New Delhi: Kerala state of India has been battling the deadly Nipah Virus again for the last few days. Even though two deaths because of the virus have been confirmed by the state government earlier, it is now being reported by the Kerala government that there have been no new cases of Nipah Virus in the state in the last 24 hours. However, the guidelines and protocols are continued and the government has asked the people to ‘exercise caution’. The cases of this deadly virus have been reported only in Kerala right now, but nonetheless, everyone must remain cautious and exercise the preventive measures. Know more about the Nipah Virus Symptoms, the Ways Of Prevention from Nipah Virus and the Treatment for the Nipah Virus..

No New Nipah Virus Cases In The Last 24 Hours: Kerala Government

On Sunday, it has been reported by the Kerala Government, that no fresh positive cases of the Nipah Virus have been reported in the State. The negative results were announced by State Health Minister Veena George while speaking to reporters in Kozhikode this morning. She has also said that the test results of more samples are awaited and may be available during the day today. According to the official guidelines and protocols, caution must be exercised for 42 days from the last positive case because the normal incubation period of the Nipah Virus is 21 days and a double incubation period must be exercised.

Nipah Virus: Measures Of Prevention

A contagious disease, according to the Director of ICMR, the mortality rate of Nipah Virus is way higher than that of Covid-19. To prevent your body from contracting this dangerous virus, you must take the following precautions-

  1. Wash your hands at regular intervals, especially when you come from outside.
  2. Make sure to avoid all contacts with pigs who are sick and bats too; if there is a pig farm nearby, make sure they are clean and disinfected and in case animals have the virus, they must be immediately quarantined
  3. Trees and bushes which are known for being resting or sleeping places for bats, avoid being around them
  4. Palm sap or fruit, that has chances of being contaminated, avoid drinking them. All fruits must be washed and peeled before consumption
  5. In case a fruit falls on the ground or has a bat bite, throw it away immediately
  6. Avoid contact with a person’s bodily fluids like blood and saliva who is infected with the virus

Nipah Virus: Symptoms

There are many symptoms of the Nipah Virus and begin within four to 14 days after infection. Some may have mild symptoms while some may experience severe ones; there can also be people infected by the virus, who may have no symptoms at all. Take a look at the symptoms of Nipah Virus..

  1. Fever
  2. Headache
  3. Breathing Problems
  4. Cough and a sore throat
  5. Diarrhoea
  6. Vomiting
  7. Muscle Pain
  8. Severe Weakness
  9. Disorientation or confusion
  10. Slurring Speech
  11. Seizures
  12. Respiratory Diseases

Nipah Virus: Treatment

A deadly virus with long-term complications, Nipah Virus is still a disease whose proper treatment has not been found yet; there are no anti-viral medications, however, infected patients are expected to treat the Nipah Virus symptoms they are facing. A few other ways by which the patients can feel better are-

  1. Hydrating yourself, drinking a lot of water
  2. Getting adequate amount of rest
  3. Using inhalers or nebulisers in case of breathing difficulties
  4. Taking medicines for the separate symptoms including fever, nausea and/or vomiting

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