The head of police in KwaZulu-Natal has vowed to give criminals “no breathing space” after more than 300 illegal weapons and about 2,000 rounds of ammunition were removed from the province's streets.

Recent police operations have focused on parts of the province where gun violence has claimed the lives of scores of people.

“Relentless quests to rid our communities of illegal firearms also paid off when police recovered 325 firearms, inclusive of 26 rifles, 20 shotguns and 29 homemade firearms,” said provincial police spokesperson Col Robert Netshiunda, adding that 2,375 rounds of ammunition were seized from those arrested.

Overall, police arrested 8,809 people for murder, attempted murder, robberies, rape, drug dealing and possession of unlicensed firearms and ammunition. 

“Efforts to bring justice to the victims of crimes yielded desired results when 185 suspects were arrested in connection with cases of murder and 112 more for attempted murder.”

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