How can you prevent goiter by consuming enough iodine? Table salt is a great source of iodine that you can take advantage of. In addition, other ways to prevent goiter are as follows.

Goiter is one of the thyroid disorders.

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goiter is one of thyroid disorder, Iodine deficiency is the main cause of goiter. When your body doesn’t have enough iodine, your thyroid will work extra hard to make thyroid hormones. This condition causes the thyroid gland to become enlarged or swollen. Mumps can attack anyone. However, research shows that goiter is more common in women.

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For some people, the swelling that occurs may not be painful. However, it can cause discomfort and other symptoms such as coughing, snoring, difficulty swallowing, hoarseness and difficulty breathing. Therefore, preventive measures should be taken. There are various methods of prevention, including:

1. adequate iodine intake

Goiter is often triggered by iodine deficiency. Well, to be able to meet the needs of iodine, you can get it through salt. You can use salt in cooking or as a flavoring ingredient in food. However, pay attention to the amount of intake, do not overeat. Because, excess iodine can trigger other diseases. Be sure to consume enough iodine. Apart from salt, you can also consume iodine from fish, shellfish, curd and some vegetables.

2. take advantage of garlic

Garlic is a flavoring ingredient that is widely used in various cuisines. Consumption of garlic is considered helpful in the prevention and treatment of many diseases. For example, to overcome flu diseaseControl blood pressure, raise cholesterol levels, reduce heart disease risk, and helps prevent goiter. Garlic is known to stimulate the production of glutathione in the body. Glutathione contains selenium which is essential for the optimal functioning of the thyroid gland.

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3. Avoiding Risk Factors That Cause Goiter

Some of the risk factors for goiter that you need to avoid include:

1. Smoking

Cigarettes contain thiocyanate which has a negative effect on the thyroid gland. Thiocyanate will interfere with the process of absorption of iodine by the thyroid gland. Over time, this condition causes the thyroid gland to enlarge and trigger a goiter.

How to stop mumps?

Goiter is often triggered by iodine deficiency.

2. drugs

Certain drugs can trigger goiter. These drugs, such as the drug lithium, are drugs used to treat certain mental and other medical conditions. In addition, heart medications such as amiodarone may also increase the risk. So, when you take the medicine, make sure you consult a doctor to rule out side effects.

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3. Radiation Exposure

Continuous exposure to radiation can interfere with the functioning of the thyroid gland. As a result, the thyroid gland will become irritated and trigger a goiter. This condition usually occurs in people who have undergone radiation therapy to the neck and chest. However, this situation may not happen immediately.

This takes a long time and usually occurs in people who have received radiation therapy for a long time. Consult your doctor if you need to undergo radiation therapy to avoid its possible effects.

There are various methods you can use to prevent goiter. Start by consuming adequate amounts of iodine, using garlic and avoiding causative agents. However, if you experience goiter symptoms, such as swelling in the neck, difficulty swallowing and coughing. Consult a doctor immediately for proper care and treatment. Some reviews on how to prevent goiter.

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