If you feel breathless because of anxiety, there are breathing techniques you can try to alleviate symptoms and start feeling better. These techniques can be done at any point during the day or build into longer moments for yourself.

#1 Lengthen your exhale

Before you take a big, deep breath, try a thorough exhale. Push all the air out of your lungs, then simply let your lungs do their work inhaling air.

#2 Abdomen breathing

Breathing from your diaphragm (the muscle that sits just beneath your lungs) can help reduce the amount of work your body needs to do in order to breathe.

#3 Breath focus

When deep breathing is focused and slow, it can help reduce anxiety. You can do this technique by sitting or lying down in a quiet, comfortable location.

#4 Equal breathing

This form of breathing comes from the ancient practice of pranayama yoga. This means you’re inhaling for the same amount of time as you’re exhaling.

#5 Guided meditation

You can practice guided meditation by sitting or lying in a cool, dark, comfortable place and relaxing. Then, listen to calming recordings while steadying your breathing.

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