Published February 20, 2023

Their new eco-friendly oral rinse has been developed to promote fast healing and cavity prevention. H2Ocean believes that natural raw sea salt, especially the red sea salt that they use, is one of the most naturally healing mineral components on the planet.

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The brand's new sea salt oral rinse has been launched in the wake of the latest figures from the CDC on the state of oral health amongst adults in the United States. As the health organization's research shows, 26% of adults have untreated tooth decay and cavities, with 46% showing signs of gum disease.

These are sobering statistics, that point to the need for better products that use topical and current scientific research to promote genuine healing of the gums and genuine cavity prevention.

H2Ocean believes they have developed such a product. Their all-natural fragrance free oral rinse harnesses the 82 trace minerals that sea salt contains. It also contains Lysozyme, a naturally occurring antibacterial enzyme that is found in saliva, to construct an effective fluoride, alcohol and sugar-free mouth wash.

In clinical trials, H2Ocean's new mouth wash has been recommended for its ability to soothe sore and receding gums and heal gingivitis. Likewise, in the brand's peer-reviewed medical trials, they found that their sea salt ocean rinse was beneficial for cavity prevention and recommended for use following oral procedures and surgeries.

In addition, H2Ocean's sea salt and Lysozyme rinse naturally fights bad breath and whitens teeth, making it a complete oral care solution. It now comes in two new flavors, Artic Ocean and Lemon Ice.

H2Ocean specializes in sea salt-based healing products for oral care and wound care. They make their organic products locally in their Florida lab and ship them nationwide.

A spokesperson for the sea salt healing experts said, "H2Ocean is proud to bring you all-natural Artic Ocean and Lemon Ice Sea Salt Healing Rinses that are enhanced with natural flavors and Lysozyme, an antibacterial enzyme found in your saliva. These refreshing sea salt mouth rinses contain a wealth of trace elements and nutrients that are essential for living cells."

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