It can be recalled that Polio attacks the spinal cord and nerves of muscles in the feet/legs, which causes paralysis. The infection may also ascend and affect the muscles of breathing including the diaphragm causing difficulty breathing. Polio is dangerous especially for children younger than 5 years old.

On the other hand, Rubella or "tigdas-hangin" is an infectious virus that can infect pregnant women. This may cause the mother to lose her child or give birth to a child with congenital malformations.

Meanwhile, Measles or "tigdas" may cause severe complications including blindness, encephalitis, ear infection, and pneumonia. It can also cause death. 

DOH-MMCHD noted that many children will be in danger if the spread of these diseases is not prevented. An outbreak of polio, rubella, and measles may also happen. 

"We would need additional budget, personnel, and resources to address the outbreak while the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing," DOH-MMCHD stated.

"Our health personnel will be overburdened with the possible surge of patients in facilities... facilities will not be enough, and adequate medical attention may not be provided due to the volume of patients," DOH-MMCHD added.

To avoid the possible effects of widespread dissemination and infection of the said diseases, the DOH-MMCHD will be conducting a vaccination campaign from May 1-31, 2023 in health centers and assigned temporary vaccination posts nationwide. Vaccination teams will also go house-to-house to encourage the vaccination of children from 0 o 59 months old. 

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