As a college student, it can be hard to balance a course load, a social life, and practice self-care all at the same time. Oftentimes, taking care of ourselves is last on the list. All too often, we find ourselves more worried about cramming for an exam than getting a good night’s sleep. You know, those nights when you drink a large Dunkin’ iced coffee at midnight so you can stay awake long enough to get those last few pages of studying in? In situations like this, it is easy to put yourself last. But, it is important to be mindful of your overall wellbeing.

The good news is, taking care of yourself can be much simpler than you think. We paired with the experts at Boston University’s Student Wellbeing to identify eight key steps to taking caring for your mind, body, and soul:

1. Balance

Strike a balance among all seven dimensions of your wellbeing: physical, emotional, environmental, spiritual, social, intellectual, and financial. All these dimensions working together creates holistic approach to wellbeing, which is the goal of self-care.

2. Meditate

Incorporate five minutes of meditation or breathing into your day. Try Headspace for inspiration – all BU students have free access to Headspace with hundreds of meditation, sleep content, breathing exercises, and more!

3. Seek Support When Needed

Don’t be afraid to seek support for yourself. Whether you seek support for academics, substance abuse, self-harm, or wish to find accommodating resources on campus, BU can point you in the right direction. There are many resources that can help support all dimensions of your well-being right here on campus.

4. Find an Activity That Relaxes You

Try a relaxing activity for an hour. You might be surprised at the effect it has on you. Play a game, color, listen to music, or read a book. Find an activity that’s right for you and stick to it!

5. Reach out to Friends

Connect with a friend to support your social wellbeing. Friends can make you feel included and like you belong where you are. Not to mention, they can also be a great outlet for stress; friends can provide comic relief and be there if you need to talk something out. Share a meal or call a friend to chat.

6. Give Your Body the Nutrients it Needs

Eating healthy can be really hard in college – make it a priority! When you feed your body, you feed your mind, soul, and overall wellbeing. Studying, waking up early for class, and writing papers can take a toll on you. Counter that by being mindful about what you put into your body so that you can keep going.

7. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is an important factor that impacts our stress, energy, and overall health and wellbeing. Good sleep habits can help you meet your academic and personal goals. BU has many resources to help you create a healthy sleep routine.

8. Be Kind

It can never hurt to be kind. In fact, showing kindness to others can actually help you feel happier. It can make your sense of community feel stronger as well. Being kind can be as simple as holding the door open for someone!

Want to learn more? Check out the resources at BU Wellbeing!

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