Anger is an emotion that occurs mostly when a person is tensed, agitated and stressed. It happens to most of us that we tend to get angry when things go wrong or not according to our initial plan. Anger is often perceived as a negative emotion although, it is not. It is normal to feel angry at certain situations and it is better to let out your anger than to suppress it.

Anger helps you to express yourself, talk about problems and recognize your behaviour. It makes you self aware of your emotions and you learn how to deal with problems. However, anger is not good when it turns into aggression or a fight. Often in anger, people tend to ruin relationships because of the hurtful things they might say to others during the outburst. Hence, it is important to keep your anger in check and recognise when it is not acceptable.

These are some of the reasons and ways to control your anger effectively.

Find a creative outlet

Release your negative thoughts by expressing yourself in other ways. Know that anger is mostly built-up resentment that comes out in the form of an outburst. Hence, you can find a creative outlet to release your anger, pick up a hobby and practice an art form that will bring you peace and good thoughts.

Practice deep breathing

Whenever you get angry, practice deep breathing and do breathing exercises often. This helps in keeping you grounded and calm. Maintain a calm exposure and avoid getting into a verbal fight.

Think before you say anything

When we’re angry, we forget about the consequences. It is important to remember that words can often hurt someone and cause harm. Things said in anger are often said out of deep remorse. So, it is better to keep calm and think twice before you say anything. It is always good to calm down first, think with a peaceful mind and then speak.


When you exercise, you release happy hormones and endorphins in your body. These help in keeping you active, positive and happy. It helps in reducing stress and makes you resilient towards problems and bad situations. 


Mediation is one of the best solutions for controlling your anger and releasing stress. It helps in keeping you calm, channelling good principles and eliminating negative thoughts. 

Seek help

If nothing works for you and you feel your anger is getting the best of you, get professional help. Speaking to a professional may help you understand your problem in a better way. At first, you may also speak to your friend or family.

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