While the cause of PCOS is still unclear, medical professionals across the world suggest the root causes to be related to genetics and environmental factors. PCOS causes a number of symptoms and unfortunately out of every 10 women suffering from PCOS, 6 women are completely unaware of the condition and its symptoms. PCOS can be easily managed by following a clean, plant-based diet and by transitioning towards a holistic lifestyle.

Here are 3 easy ways to manage PCOS symptoms naturally:
Following a Clean, Plant-Based Diet
``We must always finish our greens'', this childhood teaching is one of the major ways to manage PCOS. You should consider adding proportionate levels of plant-based dishes in your diet to keep your body full of fibres and essential nutrients such as protein, zinc, iron, potassium, carbs, etc. It is also advisable to consume foods (or plant-based supplements) rich in Vitamin D3, Chromium and Omega 3 which has been reported to improve glucose tolerance, insulin secretion, and insulin sensitivity. Another important addition to your daily diet is leaf-based vegetables such as cabbage, spinach, and kale.  They provide Vitamin B and are low on calories. Legumes and whole grains can do wonders to heal your body internally and also help prevent gaining excess weight and high insulin levels.

Choose a Holistic Living & CutOff Toxins
Turning yourself into the zen (Yoga) mode for a while can benefit you in various ways. Whenever you meditate or practise yoga, the mind focuses on every organ individually and supports holistic wellbeing by balancing the mind, body and soul. Breathing exercises like Pranayama are known to help release stress levels and provide a positive impact on overall wellbeing.  Add any form of physical activity like walking or exercise for 30 minutes daily to keep your body stronger.  To cleanse and detox your body from within, cut down on highly processed foods, empty calories, and toxin-generating habits like smoking. Choosing a holistic and clean way of life supports the management of PCOS symptoms.

Balancing Hormones
PCOS disturbs the hormonal balance and also causes various related symptoms like irregular periods and difficulty getting pregnant. To stabilize hormones you can add herbs as Shatavari and Ashoka extracts to your diet. Another must-have nutrient is Vitamin B8 that helps improve ovarian function and normalize periods. If you are struggling with PCOS or any of its symptoms, you might feel a little flustered and fatigued at times. The best and most effective advice is to exercise regularly, eat well, breathe fully, and most importantly; speak up and get expert help when needed.

About the author: Ms. ShikhaDwivedi - Msc. Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, nutritionist at OZiva

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