As you age, it is important for you to alter your fitness routine accordingly. After the age of 60, there are many changes happening in the body. For instance, your muscle mass begins to decline or the bone strength reduces. Due to these reasons, it becomes important to focus on your mobility and balance. In an attempt for a healthy body and mind, you should adopt a few lifestyle habits and ditch a few!

Dont’s Exercises For Over 60

While engaging in physical activity is necessary, it should be designed in such a way that it is well-suited for your body. According to health experts, seniors above the age of 60 should definitely avoid doing these exercises.

  • Long-Distance Runs: If you haven’t been a runner, you should simply avoid long runs in the morning. As running puts a lot of pressure on knee and foot joints, it can lead to injury in seniors. Rather, you can start your day with light walking or jogging.
  • Stair Climbs:  As you age, there is difficulty in maintaining balance, therefore you should avoid stair climbs. In stair climbs, there is a constant movement of up and down on gym machines or stairs. It directly targets the legs muscles.
  • Deadlifts:  Deadlifts are a gym-lovers favorite exercise. It involves lifting up heavyweights from the ground. While it may be fine for people who have been into strength training, it is not advisable for seniors who are just starting out in this field. Deadlift puts a lot of pressure on arm muscles, shoulders, back, and neck.  It can lead to a severe injury that can permanently damage your posture.

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  • Squats:  Squats are a bad idea for seniors as it poses a lot of risks. For people above 60, it is fairly easy to lose their balance and trip over. As squats involve excessive pressure on the knees, they can damage sensitive joints.
  • Crunches: According to fitness trainers, crunches are an exercise that can be avoided at any age. But for seniors, it is particularly important to avoid crunches. As you age, your back becomes fragile. Crunches involve repetitive curving of the back, which poses a threat of injuries in the elderly.

Do’s Exercises for Over 60

Movement is necessary. Even if you are above 60, you should exercise for at least 40 minutes daily. A study conducted which analyzed 1 million older adults, showed that elderly people who exercised for more than an hour weekly had a comparatively lower risk of heart diseases.  A few exercises that you must add to your workout routine are:

  • Brisk Walking: Even half-hour of brisk walking reduces the risk of heart diseases by 35-40%! Walking also lengthens your life span in general by keeping your body fit.
  • Stretching: It improves posture and reduces aches considerably. Therefore, stretching should be must be added to your daily workout.
  • Yoga and Breathing Exercises: Yoga is best for all ages. It provides innumerable health benefits.


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