Yeah. No, it's super interesting to Because when we were talking about this with Kiki or Wellness director you were who is more parasympathetic and essentially you were like if you are anxious or your mind is full. Can you sleep and she was like, yeah. Meanwhile like I can pull an all-nighter easily by letting my mind go wild. So in those instances, that's when I use the app,

correct? Yeah. Okay, it would be better to use it before like before any of Those instances really happen, but those are actually can be critical points. Right? And so if we can actually just set up the training to where it's like. Hey, I know when I wake up in the morning I should do this them feel alert, and I know at night I should do this fall asleep. And let's just use those two as a very easy way of understanding this because there's four but those are two of the most impactful ones and those two things will literally set up a chain reaction that within a couple of weeks out of Habit alone becomes an instant thing. It's why we go to the gym to exercise. Well, if I continue to exercise and I continue to do these things I should be having responses. Like I should be sitting up better because I'm working out her building muscle or I'm going to yoga and I'm becoming more flexible and I feel like I'm in better position like these are this is why we actually go and do these things is so that we can actually have a reaction to that that in the moment we can default right and so I don't want to good people in thinking I want a like. Oh and like I just gotta go put on the app, but the app is the training. Mmm. So that in the moment you can actually do those things

and you can respond in a better way

100% including re-include. Hey, I mean, he's literally been I mean the most powerful advocate for what I've done and you've even felt the those, you know affects the true Jennifer and I found

I fixed my or I didn't fix but I improved my co To yes, although I will say for everyone who's downloading the app. There is no wrong answer I learned because I tried to redo all of my answers and the presence of Brian and he was like, this is what did you guys say? This should be one of the questions to determine whether your parasympathetic or sympathetic if you're asking am I answering these right? Yes or precisely about your sympathetic

dominant your type a right questioning everything. I'm doing dialing it in. Yes.

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