The Los Angeles Lakers recorded a big win against the Utah Jazz on Wednesday night, taking care of Quin Snyder's team as visitors, taking a 106-101 win against one of the top-4 teams in the NBA right now. 

The Purple and Gold returned to winning ways after losing the last three matches. The Jazz have become a regular win for the Lakers, who have bounced back twice against this squad. 

LeBron James had a terrific game, dropping 33 points, grabbing 8 rebounds and dishing out 6 assists, becoming the MVP of the match. The King unleashed his power on the Jazz, leading the Lakers to the promised land against a very dangerous rival. 

With one minute left on the game, James was spotted meditating on the Lakers' bench while the officiating crew reviewed a Jazz challenge. TV cameras caught the moment when LeBron closed his eyes and did some breathing exercises to stay calm. 

"LeBron meditating there on the Lakers bench," one broadcaster said.

"He's in the calm app that he advertises," another one replied. 

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