Explaining some of the best strategies to safeguard your lungs and keep diseases at bay, Dr Shekhar Jha shared the following tips:

Quit smoking is the best strategy

Quitting smoking is the best gift that we can give to our lungs. Not only active smoking, but we must refrain from passive smoking also. Wearing a mask, especially at a time when AQI is bad can prevent harmful chemicals from entering our lungs. We must refrain from doing exercise when air quality is bad because when we exercise, we tend to breathe heavily, and more dust particles enter deep into our system.

Breathing exercises to keep diseases at bay

Also, to keep our lungs healthy, we must regularly do breathing exercises. Certain types of breathing exercises like pursed-lip breathing and diaphragmatic breathing are specifically good for those who already have diseased lungs. Even for those with healthy lungs, regular balloon blowing and practising diaphragmatic breathing can enhance our resting ling capacity.

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