Located in the Magnia building on 15th Street in the Altabrissa neighborhood, pulmonary reintegrateA pulmonary rehabilitation clinic opened its doors on Thursday, June 29. This place offers various services that will help you improve your quality of life, as they not only have high-tech equipment that provides accurate diagnosis, but also medical assistance from specialized pulmonologists who interpret studies Provide and support the patient throughout their development. ,

The diagnosis is drawn from personalized programs that are clinically designed for patients suffering from various chronic respiratory diseases. The main objective of Renategra Pulmonar is to support those affected who wish to maintain the maximum degree of independence, as well as maintain day-to-day functionality in order to improve the patient’s quality of life through positive development of the condition May be

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Rentegra Pulmonary arose from the need to create a comprehensive department of pulmonary physiology that has the right medical team to provide pulmonary rehabilitation sessions. For this reason, Rentegra partners with quality companies like aerosol medical system ,AIIMS), the leading brand in laboratory and rehabilitation products.

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The departments involved in the Renategra Pulmonar are divided as follows:

  • pulmonary rehabilitation
  • pulmonary function
  • obstructive sleep apnea
  • equipment sales
  • teaching and research

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In addition, the services provided by them are:

  • clinical studies
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation therapy to complement your drug treatment
  • equipment they can buy or rent to continue treatment
  • Polygraphy that can be done in the office or at home
  • assisted and specialized ventilation

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It should be noted that the services provided to patients are not only for those who have a disease, but for all those who decide to prevent any effects in the respiratory and pulmonary system, this important part which can prolong the quality. life.

18. Visit Reinetgra Pulmonar at Magnia Building located at C. 15 with #503, Altabrissa Subdivision Locals 105 and 106 or contact them on Facebook at (999) 518 28 88 and (999) 955 56 36, Reinetgra Pulmonar . @reintegramulmonaroficial on Instagram.


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