Due to the complexity of a lung transplant surgery, the procedure will
require several hours and several weeks for a full recovery.

After the surgery, patients will recover in one of our hospitals' intensive
care unit (ICU) before moving to a hospital room for one to three weeks.
The patient’s doctor may recommend pulmonary rehabilitation afterward
to help improve breathing capabilities. Pulmonary function tests will
help doctors monitor a patient’s breathing and recovery as well.
After leaving the hospital, patients will regularly visit their doctor
to check for infection or rejection of the new lung, as well as to test
the lung’s functionality.

To help prevent rejection, patients will need to take medicines for the
rest of their life that suppress their immune system and help prevent
their body from rejecting the new lungs. Practicing good hygiene, obtaining
routine vaccines, and adopting healthy lifestyle choices such as heart-healthy
eating and not smoking are very important for the success of a patient’s new lung.

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