Pursed Lips Breathing (PLB) can be used to recondition physiological responses of stressfull memories from inhaling (stressful) to an exhaling (relaxing) behavioral pattern. Try it, imagine any visual image that makes you anxious (possibly your boss, coworker, ex-spouse, etc.) and simultaneously exhale like you would want to blow a candle. Blow as much air out as possible while simultaneously visualizing this image in your mind.

Your brain now conditions this visual stimulus with the parasympathetic tone that is being induced by respiratory network in the brainstem during exhalation. The next time you are confronted with this image, your brain will trigger the parasympathetic tone as it was conditioned by the above experiment consequently slowing heart, relaxing muscles and promoting digestion. If you reverse this experiment, imagine the same image and try inhaling simultaneously you would condition a sympathetic arousal similar to a fight and flight response and if repeated it would escalate towards a panic attack. Click here www.breathinglabs.com/welcome1 search for Health-Phobias and upload any stressful image (or paste URL). Play this reconditioning game for 10 minutes a day and free your heart and start living life to the fullest! You need to purchase Breathing+ package to play this game.

Did you notice how this simple classical conditioning mechanism explains why humans get emotionally connected by the act of kissing, why they relax by the act of groaning, grunting, yawning and so forth? Join us in our research.