Breathing Labs is hosting a telemedicine conference and a webinar on topics: outsourcing clinical research to domestic CROs, using electronic data capture to claim drugs efficacy, using twitter to organise staff. Speakers include: Prof. Boris Rubinsky, Berkeley University, Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Moscow State University. Join this event here.

“Rubinsky decided to use the phones to address a specific problem in the developing world: the lack of access to medical imaging. Imaging equipment typically includes components for data capture, processing and display, which together tend to be expensive and difficult to maintain. But with a mobile phone, Rubinsky reasoned, a doctor in a remote village could transmit raw measurements from a relatively inexpensive data-collection device, such as an ultrasound transducer, to a processing centre in a major city. The centre would then reconstruct the image and transmit it back to the phone.” NATURE|Vol 458|23 April 2009