Traditional monetary systems or fiat currencies are based on the concept that a person gives his effort or goods as input and receives printed money in exchange. He can later use that printed money in exchange for other people's services or goods.

We would like to introduce a new paradigm of coins in which a person receives currency in the form of coins after performing healthy activities, like aerobic exercises. Breathing Coins (BC) will be issued by Breathing Labs.

When you do breathing exercises, you need to breathe most efficiently, therefore exhaling as much of old air to allow for new air to be inhaled. It means that if one does 10 exhalations of 20 seconds it will result in 200 BC in their breathing wallet. So the longer the exhalations are, the faster your wallet will accumulate Breathing Coins! To get more exhales is the purpose of any breathing exercise and it helps you to track your exercises involvement in keeping your ventilation as efficient as possible. Efficient means slow (not stress inducing) and deep (exhale most old air so you can inhale more fresh air and have a better old/new mixture).

In such a health-centered world, the person with the most wealth would be the one who invests most time in their health. So the popular proverb »Health is Wealth« would be literally applicable!

BC is not an alternative currency system but a new concept to promote healthy lifestyles. By giving BC to parents, children can assure them that they had been doing these exercises and will probably continue to do them in order to get new coins.

Such a monetary system is not useful at all for regular services or products exchange but it can work really well in relationships where exercise is really important such as

1) parents teaching children to regularly invest in health by doing breathing exercises. Kids might get pocket money in the form of breathing coins after they have done the required exercises.

2) Public health Systems teaching citizens to invest time in their health to get discounts (to partly pay for health insurance via BC). Healthier patients hence can get discounted prices if they do breathing exercises regularly.

3) In professional militaries where soldiers have to engage in physical exercises to remain fit and sharp. They may only get a part of their paycheck if they have exercise well enough.

4) People being able to distinguish who is investing time in doing breathing exercises. Breathing coins will be issued through android and ios app with breathinglabs’ proprietary hardware.

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