Mumbai, Apr 7 (UNI) Maharashtra State Governor Ramesh Bais on Friday asserted that if one takes some time to do yoga at the workplace, it will be useful in terms of better health and stress relief.

If the body, mind is healthy and thoughts are positive, one can live a stress-free life and one's face will be happy. Today from students to adults are living stressful lives,he said.
Mr Bais was speaking at a workshop on 'Office Yoga' organized by 'Kaivalyadham' Yoga Institute at Raj Bhavan on the occasion of World Health Day. On the occasion of Health Day, lectures and demonstrations were also organized on Emergency Medical Techniques (CPR Techniques) to be used to save a patient in case of cardiac arrest.
The governor said on this occasion that the newly emerging concept of doing yoga at the office is good for lifestyle related diseases and yoga is not just physical asanas or breathing exercises but yoga is a holistic lifestyle for a healthy life,he added.

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