The governing has succeeded in instilling fear in just about everyone while ruining people’s lives, jobs, families and friends. Now, life is one continual stress after another with a constant news media telling us we must submit to the fear of a continual plan-demic. Oh, excuse me, pandemic. Yeah, sure.

People are so fear-conditioned that they fear their self and others. They fear breathing fresh air, air that keeps one healthy. Instead, they have learned to breathe their own recycled breath. All because the governing is legislating sickness away. As if the governing can prevent people from getting sick.

It matters not that any virus is very small in size, normal surgical masks have pores approximately 0.3-10 microns and viruses are 0.004 to 0.1 microns in size. So, how can a mask prevent a virus? It cannot. It is equivalent to putting up a chain link fence to stop mosquitoes. But common sense be damned. We must give up our individual freedom to an elected few who love to play God. All the while we are told slavery does not exist.

Why is Hawaii always the last state to benefit from mainland changes and the last state to implement health-beneficial changes? It is certainly not the people’s fault. Therefore, it must be the politicians.

Michael Grammer


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