CLEVELAND — The results of the 2022 American Psychological Association "Work and Well-being" survey revealed mental health problems are associated with a number of workplace issues.

Employees feeling a lack of acceptance, experiencing toxic work environments, and compensation failing to keep up with inflation are all listed as stress factors.

Good Morning Cleveland anchor Danita Harris spoke with Dr. Roy Buchinsky, Director of Wellness at Ahuja Medical Center, about how to manage it.

"About 82% of people claim to be under some degree of workplace stress," said Buchinsky.

He also says staff shortages and people being asked to do more, not necessarily for higher salaries, are two key factors contributing to that stress. But the biggest thing he says is "that people feel that they are maybe sort of being overlooked and not necessarily appreciated for what they are doing.

And the consequence? Burnout!

Here are the signs of burnout:

  • You develop a feeling of negativity and you lack the correct attitude to do your work on a regular basis
  • You are fatigued. Emotionally exhausted.
  • You feel overwhelmed and overburdened
  • You have a feeling that what you are doing isn't helping the bottom line.
  • You feel worthless.

Buchinsky said it is important to admit when you are stressed out and not be ashamed or afraid to say I’m stressed.

Valarie Ross Smith was stressed in her former job.

"Corporate life was a little draining for me, actually kind of soul-sucking", she said.

Smith loves dogs. She worked for several years in corporate America and knew she needed a change.

"I didn't feel like I was really contributing to something I was passionate about, that I was just contributing to someone else getting even richer off my work."

She eventually got laid off. So she went to school for dog training and just opened her new business in Bedford Heights, Sits and Wiggles.

There's no question when it comes to the joy Smith has today. Even her dog Grace let me know they are a happy team!

"I’m super excited that we get to do this next adventure, and yeah, I’m a little proud of myself."

Buchinsky says alleviating stress comes down to the four pillars of lifestyle:

  • First, food! limit processed foods that are high in sugar.
  • Next, movement. It reduces stress and elevates your mood to a good place
  • Sleep is also critical. It’s the time when the brain gets rid of toxins that we've accumulated during the day.
  • Lastly, stress busters. yoga, mindfulness, deep breathing, and exercising. It allows your body to reset and reboot.


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