Like when breathing in your daily life, breathing when you are working out is extra important. Author Galina Denzel tells AARP, "We tend to hold our breath as a way to stabilize the torso and create pressure around the abs, so it then becomes a crutch." Denzel adds that breathing is vital to bring oxygen to our muscles, which explains why the harder we work out, the harder we tend to breathe. When we don't breathe correctly, we risk fainting, dizziness, muscle cramping, and fatigue.

Sweat explains that when we don't breathe correctly, we tend to try to make up for it by breathing a little bit faster and shallower. This method of breathing is also troublesome as it can release a stress response from your body, making your muscles tense up and your heart rate rise. When you breathe incorrectly or completely hold your breath, your body immediately stresses out and tries to make up for the lack of oxygen. This entire stress response will ultimately impede you from getting a good workout but can cause you various health issues.

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