5 ways to deal with emotional eating

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Emotional eating is referred to as eating when you actually feel low and want to suppress your negative feelings. Emotional eating can make you feel guilty. It can lead to a cycle of consumption in excess, weight gain, and other related issues. It is common to sit on the couch and mindlessly eat a whole bag of chips after a hectic day. However, eating such foods can actually make you feel worse. Fortunately, there are ways to stop such emotional consumption that may have a negative impact on your diet in the long run. Let’s have a look at some of such foods:

Find other ways to deal with negative emotions: You should find a way to deal with negative emotions. Try writing a journal or doing some deep breathing exercises. You need to experiment with different activities as shifting your mind from reaching out to food to other ways is usually time-consuming.

Identify the root cause: Emotional eating may stem from small or bigger issues, too. These include fights with a friend or some chronic stress, depression, long-term anger, and other concerns. First, find the root cause and you may then go for counselling.

Practice Healthy lifestyle habits: When you’re relaxed, physically strong, and well-rested, you handle the ups and downs well. But when you are already exhausted, eating mindlessly is something that happens with most of us. Exercise and sleep, along with other healthy lifestyle habits, help us to get through difficult times without any emotional eating.

Choose foods that fight stress: Consume foods that help you to fight stress. You may drink hot tea as it contains helpful antioxidants. Matcha tea, green tea and white tea have an amino acid called L-theanine that is beneficial in reducing stress levels.

Connect with others: Close relationships and social activities are very helpful in dealing with stress. Spend some time with positive people who you like as this will help protect you from the negative impact of stress.

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