For those looking for an exercise that helps them work each part of the body in an integral way, this class called Movement Party, created by Revel, is what they’re looking for. In a true party of movement, you will exercise in a different way to engage your senses, your mind, and your soul, and thus unlock the best version of yourself.

This new training method mixes functional exercises, yoga, pilates, HIIT and breathing exercises to teach you to enjoy and celebrate your body. You will find that you are stronger than you think, not only in body but also in mind. Get inspired by the works of Vincent van Gogh, who project into an oversized shape and take yourself away from the feel and color with his brushstrokes as you move your entire body.

Personal care is very important, and with this Movement Party, you can be sure that you will be practicing the “self-care” that your body and mind need. Walk around, dance, take a deep breath and respect your body at this party. At the end of class, stop to watch the full show that will teach you about the life and work of van Gogh.

The Movement Party will take place on August 17th at 8:30 pm at the Van Gogh Alive exhibition on the Esplanade of the Mother’s Memorial. Your ticket includes class, minus the mat so you can do all the exercises and drinks to replenish your strength after class. In total, the program lasts two hours: one hour of class and another to enjoy the show. Don’t be left without trying this unique exercise class. You can buy your tickets from this page.

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