While we used to view self-care as more of a luxury—you know, something we’d fit in when we could find the time—many of us now seriously take the ever-prominent wellness “trend,” making sure to prioritize it amidst the commotion of our incessantly busy lives. Although, why? Because life can be stressful, for one thing. In the end, taking care of oneself, in whatever capacity, is *key* to developing a positive outlook and overall sense of wellbeing. While some people might prefer reading, breathing exercises, or yoga, for those of us who love beauty, self-care involves a night—or even just 15 minutes—of pampering with some of our most sensually satisfying cosmetics. Scrubs, face rollers, and—well, we won’t give it away.

Here are a few of Ulta Beauty’s products that we absolutely adore and urge you to buy for your upcoming night of self-care.

Osea Bestsellers Set for Face + Body

This skin-loving set includes ultra-calming formulas with ingredients drawn from the sea and sun, simulating a trip to a tropical island. Add a few drops of the Undaria Algae Body Oil to your bathwater to ease any tension in your body, and while you’re in there, use the Ocean Cleanser to give your face a deep cleansing massage. After a soak, moisturize with the hydrating Atmospheric Protection Cream and Hyaluronic Sea Serum before applying more Body Oil for good measure.

Treehut Tahitian Vanilla Bean Shea Sugar Scrub

A lavish body scrub is the epitome of self-care. This plush one uses sugar and shea butter in place of salt to soften skin, and as soon as the lid is removed, the warm, comforting scent of vanilla bean melts away stress. Take your time as you purposefully rub it into your skin, paying particular attention to your feet, elbows, and knees. Spa-ahhh.

Ouai Scalp & Body Scrub

Two things: Head massages are incredibly relaxing, and since your scalp is made up of skin like your face and body are, it requires the same level of care. This popular scrub from Jen Atkin removes buildup from products like dry shampoo and pollution while nourishing and balancing the skin on the scalp with coconut oil and water-binding plant sugar. And because hair grows from the scalp, as a result, your strands will appear healthier, bouncy, and shinier. Oh, and did we mention how absolutely divine it feels and smells?

Flawless by Finishing Touch Ice Roller

With this practical device that combines rolling massage with ice therapy, you can melt away puffiness, inflammation, and muscle tension. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of facial rolling, which are known to reduce stress, reduce redness, and promote lymphatic drainage, by using it after applying your skin-care products to increase absorption. Additionally, it feels particularly good on the shoulders, collarbones, and back of the neck.

Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Original

Without some sort of facial treatment, a night of pampering would not be complete. However, instead of committing to a full facial mask, spot treat. Simply apply these invisible hydrocolloid patches to breakouts before bed, and you can sleep soundly knowing that your zits will be flattened out while you sleep, giving you clear, zen skin in the morning.

TONYMOLY Moisture Hydrogel Eye Patches

With these reparative gel patches, which have an incredibly satisfying cooling effect in addition to having MVP ingredients like hyaluronic acid, sea water, and plankton, you can give your delicate under-eye skin a healthy dose of hydration. Put them on while you watch an episode (or three) of your preferred television program to achieve smoother, brighter undereyes quickly.

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Face Mask

Spend some quality time caring for your complexion. with this nourishing, creamy face mask infused with superstar ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, shea butter, and algae extract. The silky, highly concentrated formula has the same luxurious feel as your favorite moisturizer and gives you noticeable results after just one nap. To seal in hydration and prepare your skin for success over night, use it as the final step in your routine.

Ahava Mineral Hand Cream

With this one, you can be sure that your hands will be properly hydrated. No self-care night would be complete without it. The brand’s cutting-edge “Osmoter complex,” which shields skin from environmental stressors, is added to the fan-favorite formula along with calming allantoin, mineral-rich dead sea water, and mineral spring water. It leaves skin feeling smooth, soft, and hydrated, with dryness and fine lines significantly reduced.

Baby Foot Moisturizing Foot Mask

With this intensely moisturizing, sock-style mask made of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and 14 different natural extracts (including lemon, chamomile, and burdock root), you can deeply hydrate and restore softness to the skin on your feet. Your feet will feel smooth and silky after just fifteen minutes, and any calloused areas will be gone. What’s best? It feels fantastic.

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