There is no doubt that with the right music, to your own preferred taste of course, it can make us feel various different emotions, dance uncontrollably and sing our hearts out. But what exactly does music do that benefits our mental health in so many ways?

Researchers have proven to find music increases memory and retention as well as maximises learning capabilities. Our brains trigger particular emotions, memories and thoughts, which often leads to more positive effects toward mental health. There are five main benefits that music can do for our minds: 

1. Reduces stress- Soft ambient music can be calming for the mind.

2. Reduces anxiety and depression- Music therapy can help treat anxiety and  depression. Therapeutic music promotes physical and mental rehabilitation. Researchers show classical or ambient music can help reduce anxiety by 65%.

3. Helps relaxation- Music could help switch off the mind for a while after a long day. It releases tension in the muscles; when your muscles are loose, so is your mind. Listening to music as you're about to go to sleep is also really good for reducing stress, slowing your breathing and calming the mind.

4. Improves focus- Music can be used while doing everyday activities e.g. sports, baking and studying. Certain types of music, such as instrumental or classical music, can be especially beneficial for studying and improves focus tremendously for those who find it difficult. 

5. Elevating mood and motivation- Usually, a strong mental wellbeing is associated with optimistic and positive feelings. When you're having a bad day, there's nothing better than playing a joyous and upbeat song to empower you for the day ahead. Up-tempo, fast paced music gets your brain and body moving and increases motivation. 


A friend, Julia Warwas, gives her opinion on this topic: "I typically listen to a range of different styles of music, depending on my mood that day. I find lots of music really relaxing and destressing a lot of the time."


Next time you're listening to music, think of the benefits it's giving you and enjoy the music you like with an even more positive outlook to it. It really is such a great gift to all of us. 


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