By Wendy Henrichs

Board certified chiropractic pediatrician and nutrition counselor

What life do you want to create in 2023? Who do you want to be? What level of health and wellbeing do you want to experience? Here is the key and the secret: It is all up to you. Everything you need is within you to live better and feel better; you just have to activate it. Is 2023 the year you are going to make your shift in health?

To live better, feel better and have a higher level of health and wellbeing you must first shut down the hormones and chemicals of stress. Cortisol, your stress hormone, is there to protect your body from danger and is meant to be released when you are in danger. But in today’s world there are many things that cause the release of cortisol. What you do, watch, read, listen to, and say has a profound effect on your body and what hormones and chemicals are released.

Here are my top five ways to shift you away from stress and all of its negative effects, and move you to being happy and healthy.

1. Deep breathing – Deep breathing is an amazingly effortless way to decrease the hormones and chemicals of stress. Any time you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or stressed, take a deep breathing time out. Breathe deeply filling your chest and head. Hold it for a few seconds and exhale forcibly though your mouth. Take 3-10 deep breaths and feel the difference. If you are not driving, close your eyes for an added benefit. 

2. Exercise – Moving your body is an effective way to lower cortisol levels. It is recommended you exercise at least 150 minutes (about two-and a-half hours) weekly or 30 minutes five times a week. Go for a walk, go to the gym, do a workout video, just get up and move. 

3. Spend time in nature – The earth and all its beauty are your gift and there to use freely to improve your health and wellbeing. We have endless opportunities for being in nature in the Northwoods so get outside and take in all the beauty that surrounds you.

4. Gratitude – Taking time to express gratitude for your life and all that is in it will decrease your hormones and chemicals of stress. Every event, person and thing are in your life for a reason and there to teach you something to help you fulfill your purpose here on earth. Embrace and express gratitude for your past as it has brought you to this moment. Enjoy and be aware of the present moment as you can miss the wonder of the moment when you are living in the past or the future. You do not know how many moments you have left in this life so enjoy and express gratitude for every moment. 

5. Mindfulness – Being mindful of what you listen to and look at on social media, television, etc. is an uncomplicated way to decrease your stress hormones and chemicals. The things you watch, read, and listen to have a profound effect on your health and state of mind whether you think they do or not. Take a break from the news and social media for a day, a week, a month. You will feel better, and your body will be less stressed.

You have an unlimited potential to live your best life. Everything you need is inside of you so use these strategies to feel better and live better every day. Remember, it is never too late to make a shift in health.

Dr. Wendy Henrichs provides comprehensive chiropractic care among other services, including pregnancy, newborn and pediatric care, post-concussion and sports performance, FX 635 Laser, Zerona fat loss laser, nutrition counseling and wellness services at Timberland Chiropractic. Visit, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or call 715-362-4852.

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