Since then, Sharna said she’s sought help with the intrusive thoughts, including learning mental exercises, practicing breathing techniques, and attending therapy. She is also looking to help others by sharing her experience—something she did earlier this month by posting a candid message about her struggles on Instagram.

“Intrusive mom thoughts…This is a real thing,” Sharna wrote alongside a Dec. 9 video

, which showed her abruptly stopping in her tracks during a walk with Zane. “This is a real thing. Honestly I thought it was something wrong with my brain at first. These super dark thoughts of all the things that could go wrong.”

Sharna added she has since “learned to tame them and understand them” and recognize that she’s “not alone.”

The sentiment was echoed during Sharna’s sit-down with GMA.

“When you think your issues, your problems, or your thoughts are singular, you feel very isolated,” she said. “And to know that there is a community of people that are like, ‘I feel you, I’ve been there.'”

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