Image: REOXY breathing therapy medical device (Photo courtesy of Ai Mediq)

Image: REOXY breathing therapy medical device (Photo courtesy of Ai Mediq)

A new breathing therapy that administers individually dosed levels of reduced-oxygen (hypoxic) gas mixtures to patients can help treat several conditions including chronic heart disease, chronic fatigue, stress management, weight loss, and anti-aging.

Ai Mediq (Bitbourg, Luxembourg) is offering ReOxy, the world’s first medical device designed for providing individualized, biofeedback-controlled Intermittent Hypoxia-Hyperoxia Therapy (IHHT). This unique method combines periods of reduced oxygen (hypoxia) with periods of increased oxygen (hyperoxia). Notably, ReOxy is the world’s only IHHT device that has received regulatory approval (TUV Rheinland) and is CE-marked for professional healthcare use. ReOxy treatment is also the world’s first hypoxia-based clinically approved therapy for cardiac patients. What sets ReOxy apart is Ai Mediq’s development of a method to individually dose the hypoxic load based on the body’s response to the inhalation of a reduced-oxygen gas mixture. An algorithm specifically designed for calculating the personalized therapeutic hypoxia dose forms the basis of this therapy. By using this biological feedback approach, ReOxy offers a tailored treatment that takes into account individual hypoxia tolerance levels and adjusts the treatment duration accordingly.

The procedure consists of repeated short-term hypoxic periods (9-15% O2) alternated with brief recovery periods (30-35% O2). The patient breathes the hypoxic and hyperoxic gas mixtures through a facial mask, with the switchover between the gas mixtures being automatically controlled by the biofeedback principle using SRT technology. The hypoxic treatment parameters are carefully determined after an initial Hypoxic Test, assessing the patient’s ability to adapt to the hypoxic gas mixtures. ReOxy’s built-in intelligent software then automatically calculates the treatment parameters based on the pre-treatment test results. During the entire treatment session, the system constantly controls and adjusts these parameters in real-time, ensuring the treatment’s effectiveness and safety. Upon completion of each test, procedure, and treatment course, ReOxy generates a summary report in PDF format, providing valuable insights into the therapy’s performance and outcomes.

ReOxy is the first medical IHHT device of its kind available worldwide, offering a groundbreaking solution to improve patients’ quality of life and enhance the fitness of healthy individuals. It can safely increase physical capacity without exercise and positively impact cardiovascular risk factors in various individuals, including seniors, patients with severely decreased functional abilities, and disabled persons. Its personalized approach makes ReOxy adaptable to a broad spectrum of patients, regardless of age, gender, or specific medical conditions. This includes seniors with dementia and frailty, as well as other patients who may have apparent physical limitations.

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