Typing this about 15 mins after taking some, and i think it is beginning to take effect. Never heard of it prior to earlier this week, and after doing some reading on it I thought why not. I have built up a massive tolerance to Benadryl prior to this throughout my endeavors as an insomniac, and i found it quite scary how quick I’d build a tolerance and it would lose its efficacy. After 3-4 wasn’t doing the job, I figured its time to give this up. I know how scary a deliriant like DPH can be once you become dependent on it.

Anyways, I did some reading up on Doxylamine, and the majority of anecdotal reports were all overwhelmingly positive.

Do any of you guys have any personal experience with it?

Update: Well I figured i’d give an update on the experience I had with this. Last night was one of the first times i’ve gotten quality sleep for over 5+ hours and I am feeling great today despite a brief period of drowsiness that occurred for the first hour or so after getting up.

I would strongly recommend this for people that have had success with Benadryl in the past. It is very similar in terms of the sedation it causes however unlike Benadryl it didn’t seem to provide the slight stimulation I would occasionally get while taking Benadryl.

I did wake up around 4am (which is pretty typical for me), but I was easily able to rest my eyes again and drift back into a deep sleep. Overall I would strongly recommend this substance to people who have had success with sedating substances in the past. I haven’t used it long enough, but from what i’ve heard you do not build a tolerance to its sedating effects in the same way that occurs with Benadryl. If this is the case, then this may have been the answer to my insomnia all along.

I’m not going to get my hopes too far up, but this substance definitely seems like it does the trick for me. I will try again the next few nights with the same dosage and maybe add some CBD along with it.

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