Update: 50 mg of Traz last night. Never slept and had a headache all day. I'm hoping to find something to rotate in once or twice week, not nightly.

My Family Dr, and 2nd opinion from Psych NP, told me to pick one. NP even said try it for a month, even when I asked what if I don't sleep for 2 days.

Trazodone, Seroquel, Remeron, or Amitriptyline for sleep?

Last night, 50 mg of Traz didn't help me sleep. 5 hours later I took 300 mcg melatonin just to get a few hours.

Do I increase to 100 mg? I'm probably not going to try again tonight.

25 mg Amitriptyline? I tried it, took 2 hours to get to sleep, 7 hours and felt awful next day.

50 mg Seroquel, tried once 2 months ago. Weird dreams and thoughts until it wore off next afternoon.

Remeron, haven't tried it.

I could really use some professional guidance. I don't know how to choose or pros/cons. I've been left to make my own decision, but I'm not knowledgeable enough.

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