Hi guys. I’m having very bad insomnia for at least 2 weeks now. I often suffered from that in the past too, but back then I would rather sleep 3 to 4 hours a night or not sleep for a whole day and not having the feeling that without any sleeping meds I wouldnt sleep at all. I try to not take the sleeping meds that were prescribed to me a week ago (zopiclone) because Im scared of developing physical dependency. I still have some mirtazapine 30mg left that I was prescribed some years ago to treat my depressions. I didnt like them at all because they made me gain 30kg in a really short time as well as the hangover the day after that made be unable doing anything. I remember that I took 3.75mg some weeks ago and could sleep without waking up at all within 30 minutes but I still suffered from the hangover the next day. I really need to be functional the next day because of uni etc. and I feel like Im even more functional without no sleep at all than with the hangover feeling of mirtazapine. Do you think I could even go lower with the dose and take 1mg instead? When do you usually take it? Do you have any tips how to prevent the hangover or how to handle it? For me at least, not even vyvanse or other stimulants would help at all… i tried melatonine, all kind of 1st gen antihistamines and a bunch of other otc sleeping meds including valerian but they wouldnt help at all either… anyways I will try 1mg tonight and see if it works and let you guys know if I dont get an answer before 🙂 thx a lot

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