Hatch a little bird, give them a name, and build mindful habits to help your new pet thrive with the Finch app. Each positive task you complete helps your new finch grow.

The app encourages you to fill out reflective questionnaires, set goals, and develop positive habits. By combining healthful practices with an adorable virtual pet, the Finch app also supports self-care for humans.

You'll begin by hatching a new Finch from an egg and giving them a name. In addition, you'll enjoy the first conversation (of many) with your new bird.

From there, the general home screen appears. You'll get a view of your new feathered friend and their general energy level.

A list of activities you can perform, from meditations to journal reflections, also appears on the home screen. Tap on the + icon in the middle of the app to access more features, including soundscapes, movement tutorials, breathing exercises, and quizzes.

When you open the app later on, a motivational quote will appear, along with a way to record how you're feeling that day on a scale of 1-5. The symbols might be emojis, weather-related icons, or some similar motif. You can track your moods over time.

The widget component means you can check on your virtual pet at any time without fully opening the app. To install the widget, go to Settings, scroll down to the Customization section, and tap on Add widget to home screen. Doing this will allow you to see your finch every time you unlock your phone.

Download: Finch for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

Completing Daily Check-Ins in the Finch App

Give your finch energy by completing daily check-ins. By reflecting on your day, setting goals, and following more writing prompts, your virtual pet will gain the strength they need each day. Completing quizzes, listening to soundscapes, and more activities also count toward your finch's well-being.

Once your finch gains enough energy for the day, they'll go out adventuring for a few hours. Your finch will return with funny stories about their experiences or questions about life.

Checking Your Finch’s Stats

Tap on the bird icon at the lower left-hand corner of the home screen to get a closer look at your finch's well-being. In addition to their height and weight, you can also view the finch's lifelong affection and energy scores. It's fun to watch them grow and evolve over time.

The app will reveal your finch's favorite foods and other discoveries. It also gives information about your reflections, goals, breathing sessions, and quizzes.

Your virtual pet will grow and develop the more you use the app. And once your finch reaches adulthood, you'll get access to the Travel Agency, allowing you to venture beyond the forest.

If the pet aspect of the app tickles your fancy, then check out the other virtual pet games available, including a revamped Tamagotchi. More good news: you can still play Neopets right now, so get ready for a sweet dose of nostalgia (and adorableness).

Setting Goals With the Finch App

The goal-setting feature of the Finch app runs the gamut from grand ambitions to simple, daily wins. Plus, a menu suggests plenty of potential goals, so you aren't left racking your brain for ideas.

You can fill out the Goals of the Day section from the home screen of your app, and these include the menu of helpful ideas. Or, tap the + icon on the home screen, then select the Goals section for more options. You might get prompted to put together a to-do list for tomorrow, for instance.

To write more freely, select the to-do list icon on the lower right-hand side of the + menu. This opens a blank list you can fill out however you like. The app will even remind you to complete these tasks if you want.

You can also personalize the app so that none of the prompts or tags accidentally bother you. For instance, if you don't want to see any mention of dogs, mute the word "dogs" on the Muted Tags screen under Settings.

Recording Reflections Using the Finch App

Reflections are another big part of the Finch app. The app prompts you to write about things that made you happy during the day, think back on your past year, and generally consider different aspects of your life.

According to the Finch app FAQ, your writing gets stored on your own device and not on its servers, meaning no one else has access to it.

A blank reflection page is also available on the + screen. Just look for the feather icon.

If you enjoy these writing exercises, consider one of the many new journaling apps available. Getting your thoughts out on paper (or, in this case, on a screen) can feel so cathartic.

Taking Finch App Quizzes

Take the app's quizzes for a deeper dive into your overall well-being. The Body Appreciation Quiz, for instance, gauges your relationship with your self-image. Plus, filling out the quiz gives your virtual pet a pretty good dose of energy.

Some quizzes look at your levels of anxiety and depression, while others look at your relationship to gratitude or pessimism.

How to Use the First Aid Section in the Finch App

The app also includes a First Aid section for moments of more intense stress, and it provides breathing techniques, soundscapes, and even a space to just rant.

Reach the First Aid section from the very top of the + menu. Here, you can find breathing exercises to help manage panic attacks, grounding techniques to lessen anxiety, and even a section on grief support. The Rant Zone gives you a space to unload the stresses of your day.

You have access to a helpline at the very top of the screen for immediate assistance that will connect you to support.

Should You Get the Paid Version of the Finch App?

The free version of the Finch app provides plenty of activities on its own, with goals, reflections, stretches, breathing exercises, and more. And to its credit, the free version of the app doesn't constantly hound you to upgrade to the paid one, so you can enjoy all the free features with no issue. Best of all, random ads don't pop up in the app.

However, some activities are not available to free users, and they appear with a lock symbol in the upper right-hand corner. Upgrading to the paid version of the app will grant you access to all the exercises, which means more reflections, goals, and breathing features.

Download the Finch App for an Adorable Self-Care Reminder

Overall, the Finch app provides a fun, inventive approach to self-care techniques. It's like having a virtual pet that cares for you in return. So, utilize it regularly to improve your self-care routine effectively and develop positive habits over time.

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