All self-care practices are not created equally. Some self-care practices (deep breathing, reading, nutritionally dense meals) you can indulge to your heart’s content, whereas others have a bit of a shorter shelf life in terms of effectiveness (like watching TV for hours on end, eating brownies, or drinking wine).

You may have heard the expression, “How people treat you is how they feel about you.” So then, by extension, how you treat yourself is how you feel about yourself.

Neglecting yourself and your self-esteem will infer that you aren’t worthy of being taken care of. Take care of yourself with stellar self-care practices and your heart will assume “Wow! I must be worth a lot if this is the level of pampering that I am gifting myself.”

I’ve struggled with prioritizing self-care practices in the past, but these are a dozen of the ones that I find to be the easiest to implement, and the highest leverage in terms of their positive impact on how I feel, day to day.

If you keep up these 21 habits, you’ll never be stressed:

1. Opt out of news and ads

It’s self-loving to be intentional about the kinds of messages that we allow into our minds. And the sad (current) state of most media is that a lot of it is very fear-based and toxic to our hearts. Follow the news (which gets ratings by telling you about things that captivate you through fear) too closely and you’re bound to think that the world is a dangerous and cruel place.

If you watch the news, stop. If you’re tired of being marketed to constantly when you’re online with things that make you feel insecure instead of empowered, download an ad-blocker that replaces ads with inspiration.

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