Created by Ukrainian tech entrepreneur Olena Mytruk, the Breverie app offers goal-setting, growth, and self-discovery tools for women. Breverie includes mindfulness content, guided journaling, emotional check-ins, and habit tracking tools. Combining the words ‘brave’ and ‘reverie’, the app aims to help you celebrate every accomplishment, no matter how big or small. Here's a look at Breverie's features and how it compares to similar apps available on your smartphone.

Getting to Know the Breverie App

Download the Breverie app for free to explore its general layout. However, you will need a subscription to use any of the features. The app offers a one-month free trial, which gives you full access to make sure the app works for you. Once you've signed up, you can start familiarizing yourself with its navigation and features.

On the Today screen, you get prompts to write out a reflection or make a journal entry. The app poses a variety of questions, some of which may ask you to write about your childhood dreams or list out your self-care plans for the day. These simple prompts encourage you to think about your daily life in new ways.

The Grow screen, meanwhile, includes your challenges and goals. Challenges might ask you to declutter your living space by getting rid of one thing every day for a month, for instance. (If this particular idea piques your interest, there's also a whole selection of apps designed to help you declutter, such as Toss and Decluttr.)

Download: Breverie for iOS (Subscription required, free trial available)

Creating Custom Goals in Breverie

To create a new goal, tap the star icon in the lower center of the screen. Select the new goal icon from the popup menu to get started. The app asks you to write out a detailed description of your goal, as well as explain all the reasons why it matters to you. By thinking about the importance of your goal, as well as how you'll feel after completing it, the app gets you to engage with the goal-setting process on an emotional level.

At any time, you can review your active goals under the Grow screen. Then, on the Journal screen, you can review responses to past journal prompts and mood checks. Different prompts encourage you to write about what you value and what you want to achieve in the future, and you can fill out several in a day if you're in a writing mood.

The calendar view makes it easy to scroll back through your previous journal entries, as well as your mood trackers. You can also tap the center star icon to pull up a new journal note at any time, in case you want to make a note. These do not include a prompt, so you're welcome to do some free writing.

Lastly, the Awards screen showcases your journaling streaks, completed goals, and mood reflection streaks. Interacting with the app regularly will earn you more awards.

Can Breverie Help You Appreciate Your Achievements?

There are plenty of excellent goal-tracking apps available, but Breverie is notable for its particular focus on personal growth for women. The developer's mission statement is: "Building a world where women embody and enact the positive change they know they are meant to create."

The Breverie app's goal-tracking features are solid, and you're encouraged to complete actionable milestones along the way. They essentially follow the guidelines for SMART goal planning, asking you to create deliberate, specific goals. The adorable graphics also make the app fun to use. Its tone is incredibly encouraging and positive, from the goal-setting features to the journaling prompts.

The app does use some heady language, encouraging you to connect with inner light and wisdom to reach your full power and potential. If this appeals to you, then you'll probably enjoy Breverie. If not, though, you can easily ignore it for a useful journaling and mindfulness experience.

For the most part, if you're looking for a goal-tracking app with a strong focus on wellness and personal growth, then Breverie is worth a try. If there's some dream or aspiration you've been putting off for too long, then the app can help you find real-life steps to work toward it.

How Does Breverie Compare to Similar Apps?

There are plenty of creative, well-designed apps in the self-help and personal growth space. Here's how a few of the top choices compare to Breverie and its features.

Sanity & Self

First, the Sanity & Self app is one of the most popular wellness downloads available, with a 4.8-star rating in the App Store. Like Breverie, it also includes journaling and mood tracking features, as well as over 900 audio sessions focused on everything from coping with anxiety to managing relationships. If you're looking for an all-in-one wellness app with meditation and sleep hygiene features as well, then this one may be worth a try. It's available at a similar price point to Breverie.


Next up, the Daylio journaling app also encourages you to track moods with a focus on positive mental health. The majority of features are emoji-based, although you can add notes as well. Additional features ask you to track everything from your hobbies to your sleep habits. Designed for ease of use, this might be a great app to check out if you enjoy the mood tracking aspect of Breverie.

Amaru: The Self-Care Pet

Finally, Amaru: The Self-Care Pet app makes it fun to set and achieve self-care goals. By caring for Amaru, the adorable virtual pet, you also make time to practice self-care for yourself. Set goals to drink more water, get to bed on time, or do anything else you like. The app also includes meditation and guided breathing exercises to help you center and relax. For a playful approach to self-care and goal-setting, the Amaru app is a solid choice.

If, however, you're looking for a straightforward goal-tracking app with a strong wellness bent, then Breverie is one of the best options. Its detailed approach to setting (and reaching) goals helps set it apart from similar wellness apps.

Work Toward Your Personal Goals Positively With Breverie

With gentle, positive encouragement, the Breverie app makes it easy to work toward your goals. With the addition of a mood tracker and open-ended journaling questions, it can help you stay on track and turn your intentions into reality.

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