Everyone knows that exercise is a healthy way to take care of our body, because there are different ways according to the age or physical condition of each person to get benefits by doing a sport . Running, swimming or cycling are some of the best known and most practiced forms, although walking is the one with the fewest contraindications because it is a moderately vigorous activity that almost everyone can do.

To get the same results as other activities with a higher intensity, it is better to double the walking time than if, for example, we are running, so hiking usually includes long walks in nature which has the effect of relieving stress by being aware of the environment..

It is precisely this effect on the mind that they have been studying since the beginning of the eighties when Edouard G. Stiegler, during a mission in Afghanistan, discovered the surprising physical resistance of the nomads, who were able to travel over a distance of hundreds of kilometers without even feeling pain. .the fatigue. This shows Stiegler through his observations of the conclusions drawn from the study where he says that the key for the Afghan population to walk for hours is conscious breathing. In his book he says that he himself tried this technique on all kinds of routes, whether in the mountains or plains, and the results are truly amazing on a mental, physical and spiritual level. , with the ultimate benefit of physical well-being and one more. peaceful sleep.

How the march was made in Afghanistan

This walk is often known as ‘hiking yoga’ because it is based on the synchronization of steps and breathing, thus combining two disciplines: meditation and walking. Afghan nomads often practice the same sequence of 3-1/3-1, so in the first three steps you breathe through the nose, hold the air in the fourth step and in the last three you breathe while keeping your lungs empty. step.

All the benefits of marching in Afghanistan are endorsed by L’Ecole France Marche Afghane because, according to this entity, this exercise balances the posture of the body, strengthens the lungs, stimulates blood circulation and more to improve stress levels and even creativity.

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