Practicing mindfulness is gaining traction in the western world as more and more people are coming to understand the need to rebalance their busy and sometimes chaotic lives. In a capitalistic world where all systems go at all times and productivity is paramount, we seem to have forgotten the power of slow living, gratitude, and relaxation. Sleep meditation offers solace to a busy mind by asking individuals to quiet their thoughts and center themselves by silencing the external.

The Sleep Foundation states that it can be as simple as practicing breathwork, like using the box breath method, which includes breathing in for a count of four and breathing out for a count of four. The idea is to focus the mind with calming techniques that release us from a busy checklist mindset. According to the best-selling meditation app Headspace, meditation for sleep “allows us to let go of the day” and “be less in our head and more aware of the present moment.” This app has guided meditations that integrate with your Apple Watch to help track your meditation practice over time. Other popular apps like Calm and Slumber also offer guided meditations that include different types of breathwork and body scans to drift the body into a deep sleep.

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