In today’s fast-paced world, taking care of heart health is turning out to be a task. The heart is a delicate yet vital organ as it is responsible for pumping blood to deliver oxygen and nutrients to various organs and tissues in the body.

Overall, the heart plays a pivotal role in maintaining the functioning of the human body. The sudden exponential growth in heart health-related diseases has become a cause of concern for people around the world.

With the increase in the number of deaths due to heart attacks, heart failure, and arrhythmias, there is a growing concern about maintaining heart health. However, by inculcating specific preventive measures and adopting conscious choices, we can strengthen our hearts and improve our overall well-being.

Dr Narendara S Hiregoudar, Senior Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, HCG Suchirayu Hospitals shared a few tips to maintain heart health and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases:


Having a moderate amount of alcohol consumption has some benefits for cardiovascular health but, doing it in excess can cause damage to the heart. So, it is suggested that if you choose to drink, do so in moderation.


Oxidative stress or stress in general takes a toll on overall health and affects heart health. By practising mindfulness techniques, yoga, or deep breathing exercises, one can lower stress levels and keep one’s mind calm.

Being involved in hobbies such as gardening, painting or even spending time with loved ones keeps stress levels at bay and improves heart health.


Obesity is one of the significant reasons for the increase in cardiovascular disease since it puts extra stress on the heart.

By consuming a heart-healthy diet i.e., equal amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins and exercising, one can maintain your weight and heart health. Please remember that vigorous workouts and drastic diets don’t help in maintaining weight but rather affect your health.


Regular health check-ups are essential for identifying probable risk factors and to help overcome them.

Monitor blood pressure and cholesterol regularly. High cholesterol and blood pressure damage the arteries and increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes.


Regular exercise and physical activity are the chief elements in maintaining heart health. By engaging yourself in 150 minutes of swimming, brisk walking, cycling, or dancing or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise scheduled for your week.

Physical exercise helps reduce bad cholesterol and blood pressure, and maintain weight, all of which are crucial for maintaining a healthy and ailment-free heart.


Prioritizing a balanced diet sets the foundation for a healthy heart. By including equal amounts of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and lean proteins such as fish, and meat, one gets the required amount of proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that help protect the heart from damage due to oxidative stress.

The inclusion of healthy fats through olive oil, avocado and nuts is also a must for a healthy heart.


Smoking is one of the significant causes of the rise in cardiovascular diseases. Quitting smoking is the only solution to protecting your heart health.

Smoking damages the blood vessels, decreases oxygen levels in the blood and increases blood pressure, thus putting excessive strain on the heart.

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vaishnavi parashar

Published On:

Aug 30, 2023

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