An international humanitarian organisation, The Art of
Living, is offering free online sessions to learn breathing
techniques to settle the mind as part of Mental Health
Awareness Week (September 18-24).

The sessions have
been designed as a ‘wellbeing hack’ for people to take a
quick half an hour at lunchtime or during the evening to
take part in the breathwork sessions.

will learn evidence-based breathing techniques that quickly
reduce stress and anxiety and enable a meditative calm in
the mind and body.

“Managing our breathing is an
easy to learn, any place, any time tool for us to help with
our mental health,” says Art of Living volunteer and
facilitator, Andrew Melville.

The Art of Living
Foundation has been teaching breathwork, yoga and meditation
techniques to millions of people in more than 180 countries
around the world for more than 40 years.

Over 100
independent studies conducted across four continents and
published in peer-reviewed journals have indicated a wide
range of health benefits from reducing stress to getting
better rest from the core breathing technique the Art of
Living teaches in a three day course.

These benefits
include positive impacts on mental health such as a
reduction in the stress hormone cortisol of up to 50% and
increases in life satisfaction indicators of more than 20%
within a week of taking the course.

“It is perhaps
not widely known, but how we breathe can directly have an
immediate and significant impact on our mental health.
People often say ‘take a breather’ or ‘take a deep
breath’ when they see someone is anxious. The techniques
we teach enable people to take this concept further,
building on breathwork traditions taught in India for
thousands of years.”

The free 35 minute breathwork
sessions will be held by trained volunteer facilitators on

Lunchtime 12-12:35pm & Evenings

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