Faltu 27th March 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 27th March 2023 episode starts with Tanisha telling Faltu that she will not go anywhere as Ayaan loves Faltu only, not her.

Earlier that day, Ayaan apologizes to Tanisha for not realizing sooner that he does not love her since he always thought their good friendship will turn into love during their marriage.

While Tanisha stands there crying, Ayaan goes on to say that it took him a long to understand that he loves Faltu as he always thought he is just worried about Faltu’s feelings.

Janardhan furiously yells at Ayaan for saying such things and Faltu also orders Ayaan to not utter any more words.

Ayaan announces that Tanisha will always feel alone being with him since he only loves Faltu and that he cannot give Tanisha the love she deserves.

Everyone gets shocked to hear this except Sid who looks pleased and as Tanu breaks down crying, Kanika pulls Tanu in for a hug, while Kanika eyes Ayaan angrily.

Afterward, as Tanu enters her room, Ayaan’s words about marrying Faltu echo in her mind and she falls to the ground breathing heavily.

She starts having a panic attack when Kanika enters only to find Tanu crying so she starts looking for Tanu’s medicine desperately to calm Tanisha down.

Kanika urges Tanu to breathe slowly as Tanu points a finger toward the closet where she has kept her medicine.

She rushes to bring the medicine while Tanisha sits on the stool breathing heavily and as Kanika gives Tanu medicine, she promises to change Ayaan’s mind since the Mittal family has no money until she gives them.

Kanika goes on to say that Ayaan has said everything in anger but Tanu states that Ayaan has accepted in front of everyone that he does not love her.

Tanu also tells Kanika that now, she is the one who will do what needs to be done.

On the other hand, Janardhan scolds Ayaan for choosing Faltu over Tanisha as Ayaan confesses that if he knew earlier that he loves Faltu, he would not have married Tanisha.

Janardhan angrily orders Ayaan to mix poison in everyone’s food as now, Kanika will not help them to revive their business and they will die and Ayaan can happily marry Faltu.

As Ayaan looks distressed, Janardhan also suggests the idea that they settle down in a street, a big happy family since they will be homeless very soon.

Ayaan however firmly takes the decision of marrying Faltu while Janardhan falls onto the bed looking distressed.

Meanwhile, Faltu is packing her bags with tears in her eyes as she recalls Ayaan’s confession but as she is about to leave the room, Sumitra arrives in her room with a bundle of cash saying that Janardhan has sent it to her.

Faltu refuses to take the money as she does not need the payment for leaving the Mittal mansion while Sumitra pities Faltu as she knows how it is hard for Faltu.

Just then, Ayaan enters the room asking Sumitra to leave as he needs to talk to Faltu alone and after Sumitra walks away, Ayaan pins Faltu to the closet to prevent her from leaving the room.

He orders Faltu to confess that she does not love him but Faltu is unable to say anything.

Arriving in the room, Tanisha announces that she will be the one who will arrange Faltu and Ayaan’s marriage hearing which Ayaan is shocked.

Later, Tanisha confesses in front of everyone that she is also involved with Kanika as she was being passive for Ayaan while everyone gasps loudly.

Ayaan who is taken aback by this revelation jerks his hand away when Tanisha tries to hold hand.

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