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Effects of stress on the skin: Ayurveda (Ayurveda) is a mythological science, in which ancient healing methods are used to cure ailments. In Ayurvedic treatment the disease is removed from the root. If there is a problem in one part of the body, the other part of the body cannot function properly. Medicinal practice gives more importance to mental health. Hormones are released so that the body can function properly only when the mental health is good.

Ayurveda expert of Emil Healthcare Dr. Nikita Kohli (Dr. Nikita Kohli) has given information about this to Hindustan Times. He said that mental health affects the skin.

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Sustained stress can adversely affect eating and sleeping patterns. Due to which the skin starts to get acne. Deep breathing should be done to solve this problem.

When we are upset or stressed about something, we feel hungry. If we have a favorite food, it releases dopamine in the body. Due to this reason feel good and increase the level of good cholesterol in the body. If you also have stress problem, you can take other measures to control it.

Overthinking makes the skin dry and wrinkled and the glow of the skin disappears.

People adopt different techniques to relieve stress. Someone smokes and someone drinks alcohol. Smoking causes skin to dry prematurely. Regular consumption of the skin makes the face look puffy.

Constant stress can aggravate skin problems. Due to which the under eyes become swollen and dark circles appear.

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Meditation improves mental health. Meditation has many other benefits as well. Also, there are many herbs in Ayurveda which help to keep you away from stress and tension.

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