The moment you start breathing properly, lot of stress can be de-stressed... This panacea for diseases relating to stress was suggested by Dr Rajesh Chandra Mishra, a leader in the field of Critical Care medicine in India and SAARC nations, who attended OTV Foresight 2023 held in Bhubaneswar on Saturday. 

Mishra said everything can't be left for the government to do to tackle the problem of mental health.

"What the government can do is to create awareness. At one point of time people were reluctant to donate organs. The situation has changed. People are now coming forward to donate organs. It is possible due to the campaign Modiji (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) launched," Mishra said. 

"It is we who have to take steps. When we have problem with hands, we go to orthopaedics. When we have problems with heart, we go to cardiologists. Similarly, this (mental) is also a problem. It leads to family loss, financial loss, job loss. So, this condition is to be recognised early. And, one should come forward to discuss about his/her problem," he said.

Giving examples of actress Deepika Padukone and owner of Emcure Pharmaceuticals, Namita Thaper, he said, "They discussed about their problem and came out of it. What Sushant Singh Rajput couldn't do and ended life."

"Nowadays, we all have stress of one kind or the other. To get rid of it, the best medicine is easy breathing. The moment we start breathing comfortably, lot of stress can be de-stressed. Whenever you are in stress, be with you and start breathing properly. This way, lot of things can be taken care of," he added.  

At the same time, he also advocated that the family and the society shouldn't reject a person when s/he opens up about her/his mental problems.

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