The well-being of your overall health does not not only depend on your physical health. Mental and physical health are connected. Sometime, you might face physical health issues if you do not address your mental health problems. Mental health also plays a huge role in your everyday task. You might not notice that you are slowly fading away, feeling tired more often, isolating yourself but these are the warning signs of depression. At first these signs will be subtle, but if you do not look after yourself, it could become worse.

Taking help from a professional therapist will help you get back into the world more stronger than ever. A professional will never promise you that your will not have problems in your life or that you will never be depressed again. These are solely dependent on the events in your life. But, you will know how to deal with it, to survive and to heal.


Be self aware of your feelings and behavioral changes.

Loss Of Will To Enjoy

This symptoms of depression is called anhedonia. It is when a patient having mental health problems loses interest in the activities that used to excite them. They might not have any will to enjoy, be with people and engage in conversations. If you notice that this is happening to you, you should consult a professional before you get pulled into the dark stage of depression.

Bizarre Sleep Patterns

If you are going through mental health issues, your sleep patterns will change inevitably. Some patients sleep throughout the day and are unable to sleep at night and some could even suffer from insomnia.

Low Energy And Forgetfulness

A person with depression or other mental ailments will face a serious loss of energy. Fatigue is another very common symptom. Some people end up sleeping a lot because of fatigue. They might also find it difficult to focus and find it hard to make decision. This happens because of imbalance in dopamine and serotonin hormones in the body.

Forgetfulness is another sign of depression. According to experts, depression is linked with memory capacity and speed of brain processing. Only timely therapy can help reduce these symptoms.

People Close To You Recommend Therapy

A patient who is having mental health issues might not recognize the symptoms or might also be in denial. The people who are around the patient will always be the first ones to notice the behavioral changes. If they recommend that you seek help, or they offer their help as well, it is only out of concern and you should consider it.

Unexplained Physical Ailments

Sometimes if you are experiencing pain in your stomach or back or in any other body part and you are unable to explain the cause, it is very likely that it is because of emotional stress. Mental health issues very often manifest on physical body parts as well. Just like stress and anxiety can lead build up of tension in your back and shoulders. You might also get gastrointestinal issues due to mental stress.

Self Isolation

Do you constantly feel like staying alone? Self isolation is one of the first symptoms of depression. Socializing is the last thing on their mind and they will avoid being around people at any cost. Not just that, as their stages of depression proceed, they will start withdrawing themselves from their daily normal activities as well. This stage is concerning and could become worse if you do not seek help.

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