In many moments of life it can happen that anxiety, stress and sadness can undermine the two days.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling stressed, tired, sad, or anxious. They were absolutely normal moods and feelings and that during the day and during the life of the individual alternate with more positive moods.

Breathing that can help you a lot

Everyone experiences this kind of mood and therefore you absolutely must not feel out of place if you experience these sensations.


However, feeling stressed, tired and sad can be extremely limiting and definitely not pleasant. But it is also and above all anxiety that has become one of the main enemies of the Italians. In fact, today there are many Italians who reveal that they are very often anxious or even who claim to feel this way almost always. Feeling anxious very often certainly damages your quality of life and in the long run it can even harm your health. Precisely for this reason diaphragmatic breathing is a truly precious aid.

Use the belly and not the chest

It may seem incredible to you that just breathing in a different way you may feel a strong benefit from an anxiety standpoint and general well-being and yet I assure you that it is so. Just try to realize it. We normally breathe with the chest. In fact it seems absolutely normal that when you breathe, it is your chest that moves and not your belly. Yet by breathing “with the belly” you will go to do the so-called diaphragmatic breathing. Basically with diaphragmatic breathing it is the belly that swells when you inhale while the chest remains stationary. Try doing this type of breathing for a few minutes and you will feel an immediate sense of peace and well-being.

Tell me what you felt after a few minutes

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